What is the Most Profitable Strategy for Reselling Sneakers?

January 26, 2024

What’s up guys?! Arbit is short for “arbitrage.” As in finding inefficiencies in the sneaker resell market and turning them into deals and profits for YOU. An arbitrage opportunity we’ve been exploring lately is buying and selling across different marketplaces. Check out our analysis below, and use our insights TODAY on our app (Download Arbit for iOS/Android)! 🤑

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Market Analysis: What is the Most Profitable Strategy for Reselling Sneakers?

In today’s market, sneakers are no longer a virtual lock for large price premiums or a significant increase in value over time. Strategy and advanced market analysis tools are more important to profitability than ever before. One strategy we’ve seen success with is what we call Sneaker Marketplace Arbitrage:

  1. Buy for prices at or below the Arbit value and price forecast (Download Arbit for iOS/Android).
  2. Prioritize quick flips (2-4 week sales cycle) or holding until peak sales periods. See When Should You Buy and Sell Sneakers?
  3. For quick flips, sell on StockX. Despite higher fees, StockX boasts higher sales prices. Net revenue is typically better.
  4. For longer term holds, sell on eBay or GOAT/Alias. These marketplaces seem to cater more to collectors. Therefore, they’re more likely to have strong demand for sneakers past the hype.

Below is a breakdown of how fees would impact a $500 sale on each platform. In general, eBay performs the best on fees. However, these fee structures don’t consider reductions that some platforms implement for high volume sellers.

  • eBay - Approx 8% fees. $40 in fees on a $500 sale.
  • GOAT/Alias - 5% transaction fee + 2.9% + $0.30. $44.30 in fees on a $500 sale.
  • Grailed - 9% fees. $45 in fees on a $500 sale.
  • StockX - 9% fees + $4.00. $49 in fees on a $500 sale.

Certainly consider fees when deciding on the platform you sell your sneakers on. However, the most important factors are your buy price and your sell price. Use Sneaker Marketplace Arbitrage to maximize your profitability. Bempah and Coop

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