Arbit Acquires The Sneaker Database: Expands Sneaker Price Forecasting and Marketplace Analytics Capabilities

May 3, 2023

Tulsa, OK - Arbit, the AI-powered sneaker resale market analytics platform, has acquired The Sneaker Database, a leading provider of sneaker product information and resale prices. The acquisition will allow Arbit to leverage The Sneaker Database’s extensive three-year database of historical prices and market insights to further enhance its platform’s predictive capabilities.

In addition, the acquisition presents an opportunity for Arbit to explore strategic partnerships with The Sneaker Database’s existing customers.

"The Sneaker Database’s data collection and analytics expertise aligns with our vision to deliver the most advanced AI-powered price forecasting and marketplace analytics platform in the sneaker resale market,” said Arbit CEO Venita Cooper.

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“By combining our strengths, we can deliver the most innovative and powerful solutions to our customers, empowering them to make smarter investment decisions in the sneaker resale market,” said Vincent Sanders, Arbit’s Chief Data Officer.