Arbit Partners with P2P Marketplace Swappa

November 6, 2023

Tulsa, OK - Arbit announces partnership with Swappa, a peer-to-peer marketplace with millions of users and a new entrant into the secondary sneaker market. This collaboration aims to bring greater price transparency and access to sneaker trading. 

“We admire Swappa’s focus on fair fees, rapid shipping, and cutting-edge app-based sneaker authentication and believe this alliance embodies our commitment to empowering smarter transactions in the sneaker market,” said Arbit CEO Venita Cooper.

Arbit is committed to reshaping the future of sneaker trading through data-driven AI insights and innovative pricing models that empower traders. Swappa, a company well-regarded for its competitive fee structure is now making its mark in the sneaker market. 

Both companies are enthusiastic about the impact this partnership will have on the sneaker community. Sneaker traders now have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage Arbit's innovative insights alongside Swappa's secure and efficient platform.

The Beta version of Arbit’s app releases to waitlisted users this month. Waitlist signups are available on

About Arbit:

Arbit Inc., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a leading provider of pricing intelligence and data analytics for the sneaker resale market. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, Arbit enables users to make informed decisions when buying or selling sneakers. Arbit's comprehensive platform offers real-time market data, pricing insights, and trend analysis, empowering individuals and businesses in the sneaker resale market.

About Swappa:

Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace for gently used technology and sneakers, known for fair fees and fast shipping. Swappa offers a secure and efficient platform for buyers and sellers, using app-based sneaker authentication that eliminates the need for intermediaries in the sneaker trading process. Its competitive fees are significantly lower than other major online marketplaces. 

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